The Band

Tennis Band consists of six top-rated Grand Slam athletes, who also happens to be some of Denmark's best musicians.

Tennis Band is the world's best sports orchestra and was founded at Jutland Music Conservatory (Aarhus, Denmark) in 1999.

Though their many years of experience, Tennis Band has played their way into the hearts of many thousands of people both in Denmark and other places around the world.

Tennis Band undefined with

Music for Christmas lunch

Music for weddings

Music for corporate party

Music for birthday

Music for summer party

Music for public events

Music for kickoff events

Music to markets

Music for festivals

Think about it for a moment ....

Could Tennis Band not be an obvious choice of musical entertainment for your next event?

We have no doubt.

Tennis Band is Denmark’s ultimate best and most celebrating party band, concept band, ball band, show band, copy or whatever you choose to call them.

Call them what you want, but they are the world’s best sports orchestra.

Think about it

When did you last have a concert with Take That, Thomas Helmig, Haddaway, Katy Perry, Nirvana, MC Hammer, Ace of Base, Lady Gaga, Ray Dee Ohh, Green Day, Village People, Rasmus Seebach and Robbie Williams on one and the same evening?

Tennis Band gives you the waiters in the last five decades of hit music in a sparkling, well-played and present

show with energy and feelings without on

tennis shorts. The password is “ENTERTAINMENT” when

The dance-seeking hits smoke over the net at 200 kilometers per hour.

Tennis Band has delivered unforgettable concert experiences throughout the country over the last 16 years, and the over 8,000 fans on Facebook are witnessing the popularity of Tennis Band.

Prominent venues such as Train, Beautiful Festival, Samsø Festival, Haze over Harum, Denmark’s Greatest Friday Bar, Langelandsfedtival, Berlin

Film Festival and Thule Airbase here laid grass for the Tennis Band ‘concerts. But even at closed events for Zentropa, Novo Nordisk, Vestas, Grundfoss and many more, the Tennis Band has its own right in the hearts of a wide audience.

For Tennis Band, it’s not about winning but getting everyone involved. That’s why the Tennis Band is always guaranteed for a festive evening, where the pulse rises above 180 during the first 5 minutes.

Tennis Band delivers a professional show that goes far beyond the scene and creates one

audience contact so tangible that you can take the good atmosphere with you home – every time!

Game - Set - Match - TENNIS!

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